Occupational health is a field of healthcare that consists of several disciplines devoted to the wellness and safety of staff members in a work environment. It concentrates on injury prevention and employee education. Occupational health services include employee wellness, pre-placement testing, ergonomics, occupational therapy, occupational medicine, work-related injury, and more.


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Berea Walk-In For All Your Work Health Needs

Regardless of the number of employees you have, we can help keep your employees safe and healthy on the job. We offer everything you need to keep your employee’s increased productivity, from work-related injury care and pre-replacement screenings to physical therapy and DOT physicals. If you are in Berea, KY, you can find all occupational safety and health-related services under one roof at Berea Walk-In Clinic. Rather than going to different clinics, or guessing who your workers need to see, our occupational health professionals can take care of all your workforce health needs.

Benefits Of Occupational Health In Berea, KY

Occupational health can benefit employers and employees a lot. One of the major benefits of implementing a strong program is helping reduce workplace injuries and mitigate the risk. Other benefits include the following:

Reduced Expenses

Occupational health concentrates on understanding the types of injuries that employees deal with and focuses on assisting staff members to improve their health and get back to work as soon as it’s safe. Our health care professionals help companies minimize total expenses and help employees with getting the ideal care they need to treat the injury.


Our occupational health program can assist in developing preventative measures to ensure that the workplace is much safer. For instance, companies may require pre-employment drug screening to ensure that workers operating heavy equipment or driving vehicles are doing so safely. A company might also require physicals and other medical checkups prior to employment.


One of the main objectives of occupational health at our clinic in Berea, KY, is prevention. Prevention programs are designed to assist reduce the risk of issues and prevent employees from becoming ill or injured on the job. They may include health assessment and other environmental health programs to assist employees in particular scenarios with staying healthy.

Occupational Health Services In Berea, KY

Berea Walk-In Clinic aims to help all companies and their employees who are located in Berea, KY, or surrounding areas. Our clinic provides companies with a number of work health services such as pre-employment physical, and employer and employee drug screening. As part of our medical model, we educate injured employees on the benefits of returning to work. Therefore, instead of allowing employees to remain inactive indefinitely and focus on their pain, Berea Walk-In Clinic emphasizes gradually regaining normal function in their daily lives to achieve rapid, sustainable recovery.

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From injury prevention to injury care and everything in-between – get the services you need to keep your employees safe and healthy. Contact our clinic in Berea, KY, at (859) 986-0375 to learn more about how you can keep your employees safe and prevent them from any work injuries.